Manuel is a freelance graphic designer, post-producer and photographer graduated at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia and currently based in Milan. Since the beginning of his career, he has been interested in surreal and horror photography as well as in the world of fashion and advertising.
Once moved in Milan, he started collaborating with Studio Zat Digital Artwork and later with Stefano Guindani’s agency SGP; Manuel has been finding the opportunity to polish his photographic airbrushing and capturing skills for worldwide-famous brands such as Armani, Versace and Ferretti, to follow fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York, to work on look books and take part in photo-shootings. At the same time, he has been working as a graphic designer, arranging the coordinate image of important projects on a national level, such as the Global Coffee Forum at Expo 2015 or the partnership between Coca Cola and Coni (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano) for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. While working, Manuel never gives up on his music: songs are chosen according to the image to be post-produced or to the project to be created, and must always indulge his mood. For Manuel, photography is a way to get in touch with others, lower one’s defences and create an empathic stream aimed to generate a bond through the image.

- Sgp Stefano Guindani Photo
(Retouch look book, fashion show, adv, editorials & portraits; clients: Giorgio Armani, Versace, Ferretti, Celebrities, ecc.);
- In Rete srl Relazioni Istituzionali & Comunicazione
(Art Director and Photographer for: Regione Lombardia, Metro5, Intexo, Iwork, Ivri, Urban Fitness, Coca-Cola, Global Coffee Forum);
- Anci Lombardia (Graphic designer and Photographer);
- Studio Zat Digital Artwork (Retouch adv, editorials, portraits, still life, ecc.);
- Milor spa (Retouch)
- Gruppo Pozzi (Retoucher & Photographer)

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